Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of this service?
There is no cost to you for our professional services.  We work on a commission basis and are paid only on recovered funds.

Is the service confidential?
"Strictly confidential" is our pledge to you.  We cannot afford to violate your trust, as our business is based on references and repeat business.

How long does a review take?
Most reviews average between two weeks and six months, depending on the volume of your business, on your record format and organization, and on the information available.

What about vendor response?
Vendors respond to us favorably, as they are a source of revenue for you and us.   We are always aware of the importance of your relationship with your vendors and we strive to maintain a good rapport with them.

Are reaudits an option?
In addition to working with Fortune 500 companies, we specialize in reaudits for clients having used another company for their primary audit.  Our reaudits have produced additional recoveries for clients in excess of three times the primary audit findings.